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Thermogaze™ Heat-Away


Great for two main purposes. 1) As a topping for detailed and intricate designs so that FAR more detail can be seen, easily removed with an iron or heat press. 2) As a backing to stabilize especially delicate garments, also removed by an iron or heat pressing. This core product has been a favorite of Gunold customers for decades! Gunold Thermogaze™ Heat-Away™ is a heat-sensitive gauze stabilizer used with great results for two types of materials. The primary use is for stabilizing delicate embroiderables so that absolutely no backing residue remains. After the embroidery is complete it completely disintegrates with a household iron. The alternative use is to stabilize those fabrics that cannot get wet, like corduroy or velvet. Embroidery digitizing must be adjusted slightly when using Thermogaze™. The stitch count must be a slightly higher than for other applications. This adjustment ensures the stitches are anchored to hold the embroidery after the base material is removed.