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Customer Log Cabbin Quilt
Longarm Service Info and Pricing

Edge to Edge Quilting $0.03 per square inch

Custom Quilting (quilting to highlight the piecing and applique on your quilts)
pricing starts at 0.05 per square inch

Heirloom Quilting (stitch in the ditch, heavy background quilting to create contrast between the main features of the quilt)
pricing starts at $0.08 per square inch

Rush Fee
$75 rush fee if you need
something completed ahead of your place in the queue

Minimum Charge
Regardless of size, there is a minimum charge of $50

Other Services:


I will baste horizontal lines across your quilt top approximately every 4 inches so that you can finish all the detailed quilting on your domestic machine or by hand. The cost is $0.025 per square inch.

Binding (Please select from the following options)
You provide the binding and I attach it to the front so you can finish it by hand - $0.15 per linear inch
You provide the binding and I finish the quilt binding by machine (front and back) - $0.35 per linear inch
I make the binding for you for a flat rate of $17.

You are welcome to supply your own batting or purchase from me. Your purchase options are in the shop section. I exclusively carry Quilters Dream Batting but will work with other battings if supplied. Please note that the batting must be 4 inches larger on all sides than the quilt top.

Backing Fabric
You may supply your own backing or purchase from my store. Pricing will vary depending on the backing choices available at the time of purchase.

Return Shipping

I will only charge you exactly what I pay to ship your quilt back to you. Once the quilt is done, I will create a return shipping label and add the extra cost to your invoice and will mail the quilt once payment is received.
Finishing a carefully pieced quilt top can be a daunting task. Many quilters spend countless hours selecting fabrics and carefully piecing the quilts to perfection, only to wonder about “How to Quilt It”. I also quilt and have had this same experience over the years. Thankfully, I have invested the time and resources to overcome this and get unfinished projects done.

I will be more than happy to have a detailed discussion about my services and the selection of quilting choices with you. I aim for a high standard when working on your quilt tops to ensure that everything meets your expectations. Thank you for trusting me to quilt your quilt tops.
Divine Sew will provide mail-in and return long-arm quilting services. Please contact me via e-mail or phone if you like to drop off your quilt top.

Long Arm Machine Quilting Intake Form

By confirming the above form submission, you are hereby authorizing Divine Sew to perform the long arm machine quilting service listed above to be done to your quilt. By submitting you acknowledge that you understand that you are financially responsible for the cost of services rendered by Divine Sew and for all the materials used in the process. You are agreeing that Divine Sew is not responsible for any damages to the quilt by any cause that is beyond their control, including but not limited to flood, fire, theft, or mechanical failure. If the quilt is displayed in a show or publication, you agree to credit the machine quilt to Divine Sew.

Instead of filling out the above form, if you prefer, you can download the form, fill it out, and upload the completed form below. Alternatively, you can e-mail the form to

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